We’re deciding.  We’re becoming it. We’re continuing to grow into all the things we’re supposed to be.

I’m not sure what that means to each of you. For me, it means that however distressing things are in any particular moment, I must remember those who came before me and who endured much worse – and who triumphed over it – and I must continue their work as I can. It means that I should be appreciative but not complacent.  Critical but constructive.

We are currently living through things many of us never thought we’d see. 

In this episode, I talk to Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer David Kennerly about just a few of the many nation-shaping moments he’s caught on camera.  His is a perspective informed by first-hand observation, communicated through his mastery of the camera lens, and it helps put the current moment in context. 

We may not agree about what that context is, but it does give us context. 

I hope you enjoy our conversation.